Stadion Czornomorca Odessa – until 2008

Capacity34 362
120 (VIP seats)
Country Ukraine
ClubsFK Czornomorec Odessa
Build year1935
Retire year2008
Inauguration 08.11.1935 (Odessa team - USSR National Team 0-0)


Stadion Czornomorca – historical stadium description

Stadium located within the Shevchenko park complex was built in 1925-1935. Soon afterwards WWII broke out and seized its operation. However just over 1,5 months after liberation players restarted their activity. Its name has changed several times in history and so did capacity, varying from 20,000 to 50,000 people. Finally it stopped at 34,362 at the turn of 20th century, when individual seats were installed.

In 2007 Ukraine played its only competitive game, a Euro 2008 qualifier against Lithuania. Earlier there was another game though, a friendly against Israel in 1993.