Sar-Tov Stadium (Ha'Kufsa) – until 2012

Capacity7 500
Country Israel
ClubsMaccabi Netanya FC
Build year1943
Last renovation year2009
Retire year2012
Inauguration 08.1943


Sar-Tov Stadium – historical stadium description

Built in 1943, this stadium was host to Israeli league’s top scorer already in 1948 and witnessed five championships for Maccabi Netanya in 1970s and 80s. It went through many changes, but never grew too much as it was always restricted by dense housing around, reaching 32 rows of seating in one section only. This robust layout earned it the nickname “Ha’Kufsa” (English: “The Box”).

Last game has been played on May 13 2012 with Maccabi winning 3-2 against Bnei Sakhnin. In the summer of that year authorities closed it for demolition and funds raised by selling it (to a private developer for housing) were used to finance the new Netanya Stadium.




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