Tammelan stadion

Capacity5 050
1,300 (Main stand)
1,500 (South stand)
864 (West stand)
864 (East stand)
Country Finland
ClubsFC Ilves, Tampereen Pallo-Veikot, Jalkapalloseura Tampere United
Floodlights 1,200 lux
Inauguration 1931
Renovations 1993, 2002
Record attendance 5,490 (TPV - HJK, 1994)
Address Kalevan puistotie 21, 33500 Tampere, Finland


Tammelan stadion – stadium description

Decision to build a municipal stadium within the Tammela neighbourhood was made back in 1926, however ongoing recession caused its completion to come late, in 1931. For the following 34 years it was Tampere's main football ground, preceding the greater Ratina.

Today's form of the ground is owed to its 1993 redevelopment, which saw the erection of all current stands, all based on light steel structure. The most impressive one is the cantilevered north stand, which serves as the main grandstand. On its both sides there was enough room to create VIP facilities and an open air bar. All remaining sections of seating are made of modules with wooden benches. Installation of plastic seats in these areas would have seriously impacted actual capacity.

The stadium is utilised on a regular basis by both male and female teams of Ilves, as well as TPV and Tampere United. Because it's one of the stadia with natural field, such intensive use makes maintenance very challenging.

Eventually the stadium is to be rebuilt entirely, including rotation of the field to the more desirable north-south axis. The new stadium is to be covered and conjoined with residential development, which will lead to limitation of its light and noise pollution.



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