World Cup 2026 stadiums (Canada, Mexico and United States)


Tournament nameDesignConstructionCityCountryTournament capacity
AT&T Stadium Arlington 92 967
Estadio Azteca Mexico City 87 523
MetLife Stadium East Rutherford 87 157
Arrowhead Stadium Kansas City 76 640
Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta 75 000
NRG Stadium Houston 72 220
Levi's Stadium Santa Clara 70 909
SoFi Stadium Inglewood 70 240
Gillette Stadium Foxboro 70 000
Lincoln Financial Field Philadelphia 69 328
Lumen Field Seattle 69 000
Hard Rock Stadium Miami 67 518
BC Place Vancouver 54 500
Estadio BBVA Guadeloupe 53 460
Estadio Akron Zapopan 48 071
BMO Field Toronto 45 500


2026 World Cup

World Cup 2026 – stadiums, hosts, and changes

Every World Cup is a unique event. Each tournament takes viewers to a different part of the globe, offering a fresh take on the beauty of football. What can you expect this time? And above all – what stadiums will host the participating teams? Let’s dive into it!

FIFA World Cup 2026 – changes

FIFA has surprised football fans with its plans for the upcoming competition. It will bring quite a few novelties, such as:

  • An Increased number of World Cup 2026 participants. For the first time, 48 teams will take part.

  • More matches. There will be 104 matches played, 40 more than in Qatar.

  • 3 hosts. The 2026 World Cup hosts are USA, Mexico, and Canada.

You may also want to know that:

  • not a single stadium will be built to host the games;

  • Mexico will break the record for the number of organized World Cups – the tournament is going to be held there for the 3rd time;

  • the maximum number of matches has been changed to 8.

What should you know about the FIFA World Cup 2026 format? Let us explain the new rules of the competition.

FIFA 2026 World Cup format

The upcoming tournament will feature 48 teams divided into 12 groups of 4. Two teams from each group will be promoted to the next stage of the competition, together with the eight best third-placed teams. It means that 32 teams will meet in the second stage. It is worth remembering that the initial 2026 World Cup format was slightly different. The 48 teams were supposed to get divided into 16 groups of 3. However, The FIFA Council decided to revise this arrangement. As FIFA's official website states, the new format “mitigates the risk of collusion and ensures that all the teams play a minimum of three matches while providing balanced rest time between competing teams”.

A new system for the World Cup 2026 qualifications – how does it work?

Implemented changes also force innovations in the World Cup 2026 qualifications. The number of spots available to teams from each confederation has been increased. Furthermore, the OFC (Oceania Football Confederation) has been given 1 guaranteed place in the tournament, which it did not have before. The new distribution stands as follows:

  • AFC (Asia) – eight places (up from 4.5);

  • CAF (Africa) – nine places (up from 5);

  • CONCACAF (North and Central America) – six places, of which three go to hosts (up from 3.5);

  • CONMEBOL (South America) – six places (up from 4.5);

  • OFC (Oceania) – one place (up from 0.5);

  • UEFA (Europe) – 16 places (up from 13).

Interestingly, two additional World Cup 2026 participants will be selected in a play-off mini-tournament. Every confederation except Europe will take part in it.

World Cup 2026 stadiums

On June 16th, 2022, the 2026 World Cup host cities were announced. You can find information on each of the proposed stadiums below.




The host cities have been divided by FIFA into 3 geographical regions:

  • western: Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Guadalajara;

  • central: Kansas City, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Monterrey, and Mexico City;

  • eastern: Toronto, Boston, Nowy Jork, Filadelfia, and Miami.

SoFi Stadium© Rich Fury – SoFi Stadium

There is interesting data, trivia, and fascinating stories behind each of these venues. Ready to find out more about the 2026 World Cup stadiums?

What do World Cup 2026 stadiums look like?

Football fans worldwide are eager to learn what stadiums are hosting the 2026 World Cup and what they have to offer. If you are one of them, we've got you covered!

We delved into this topic in detail in a video you can check out below or directly on our YouTube channel. Ready to take a virtual tour of the World Cup 2026 stadiums? You will get a sneak peek at the state-of-the-art technology, unique design, and overall atmosphere of the best arenas in North America.

World Cup 2026 schedule

World Cup 2026 participants and details of the tournament are still unknown. This piece is being written before the qualification for the tournament, which is due to start on March 23rd, 2023. Instead, we can provide you with the 2026 World Cup dates. It will be held from June 8th to July 3rd, 2026 and its matches will be played across 16 stadiums.

The main host of the 2026 World Cup – USA

The tournament will be held primarily in the United States. All knockout stage matches, from the quarterfinal onward, including the final, will be played there. The United States is home to enthusiastic football supporters, and a renowned men's professional football league, Major League Soccer (MLS). The country has a long-standing sports heritage, as well as efficient infrastructure with modern and advanced stadiums, such as Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, and AT&T Stadium in Arlington.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta© Atlanta Falcons / Mercedes-Benz Stadium – Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta

It is safe to say that the United States is more than ready to host the 2026 World Cup. But what do 11 American cities hosting the World Cup have to offer? Let’s take a look!

  • Seattle. A city surrounded by natural beauty, where you can sip coffee at the original Starbucks, or catch a breathtaking view from the top of the Space Needle. Lumen Field in Seattle is one of the chosen locations for the upcoming World Cup matches.

  • San Francisco (Santa Clara). Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay, the city of San Francisco boasts perfect weather and a thriving cultural scene. The tournament will unfold there at Levi’s Stadium.

  • Los Angeles (Inglewood). The City of Angels is a diverse and dynamic cultural hub known for its thriving entertainment industry, gorgeous beaches, and world-class cuisine. The world's best national teams will play in Los Angeles at one of its kind SoFi Stadium.

  • Kansas City. The City of Fountains, where Midwestern charm meets big city vibes. Stuff yourself with the best BBQ around and enjoy the rich cultural scene of Kansas! The 2026 World Cup will come to the City’s gem, Arrowhead Stadium.

  • Dallas (Arlington). In Dallas, you can experience the best of Texan culture, from boot-scootin' to chowing down on some mouth-watering Tex-Mex. The ultimate Southern destination! In Dallas, the best teams in the world will meet at AT&T Stadium.

  • Houston. The city of Southern hospitality, where you can explore NASA's facilities and satisfy your inner foodie with some of the best Mexican food and BBQ around. The World Cup games will be played at NRG Stadium.

  • Atlanta. The city blends history, culture, and modern life. Visit MLK Jr.'s birthplace, world-class museums, and savor Southern comfort food. Atlanta is set to welcome the matches at the prestigious Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

  • Greater Boston (Foxboro). A cultural and historical hub with picturesque natural scenery. There you can explore rich history dating back to the Revolutionary War! The city prepares to hold the matches at the famous Gillette Stadium.

  • New York (East Rutherford). Who hasn’t heard of it? The Big Apple is a bustling metropolis, renowned for its world-class museums, towering skyscrapers, and diverse cultural scene. New York will host the upcoming tournament at the iconic MetLife Stadium.

  • Philadelphia. This is where history meets innovation. Discover iconic landmarks like Independence Hall and savor local favorites like cheesesteaks or Tastykakes. The arena hosting the 2026 World Cup there is Lincoln Financial Field.

  • Miami. A vibrant city of sun, sand, and endless waves. Explore South Beach or the Vizcaya Museum, and try local specialties like Key lime pie and Cuban sandwiches. Miami will host the tournament at its Hard Rock Stadium.

The 2026 World Cup will be held in 11 cities in the US, offering not only top-level football but also stunning natural scenery, rich cultural experiences, and delicious local cuisine.

New York© Thomas Habr – New York – one of the panoramas most associated with the USA

2026 World Cup – in Mexico for the 3rd time

Mexico gained great experience in hosting World Cups by doing it in 1970 and 1986. The team reached the quarter-finals both times, achieving their most successful participation ever. Does this give hope for the upcoming tournament? Recently, the national team has displayed the worst disposition in years. The federation and everyone involved will surely do their best to prepare for the upcoming competition.

Estadio BBVA in Monterrey© t-100 – Estadio BBVA in Monterrey

Time will tell whether this mission will be successful. One thing is certain though - the 2026 World Cup in Mexico guarantees an inimitable atmosphere. The matches played at Estadio BBVA, Estadio Azteca, and Estadio Akron will be full of Southern joy, loud fans, and genuine love for football. Mexican host cities of the 2026 World Cup are no less entertaining:

  • Monterrey (Guadeloupe). Experience breathtaking mountains, contemporary cityscapes, captivating street art, and delectable northern Mexican flavors. The city will witness 2026 World Cup matches at the impressive Estadio BBVA venue.

  • Mexico City. One of the biggest cities in the world. A vibrant metropolis that blends ancient history with modern flair, offering endless opportunities for exploration. The World Cup 2026 matches in Mexico City are set to take place at the iconic Estadio Azteca.

  • Guadalajara (Zapopan). Experience the traditional charm of Guadalajara, with its colorful colonial buildings, ornate churches, world-renowned tequila distilleries, and mariachi music. The stage for the games is set at Estadio Akron.

If you go to the 2026 World Cup in Mexico you will certainly enjoy your spare time between the games! But what can you expect in Canada?

Panorama of Mexico City© Gabriel Benois – Panorama of Mexico City

2026 World Cup in Canada – why so special?

Canada has done it! The country will be hosting the 2026 World Cup. It is a huge success for the national team, still taking its first steps into serious international competition. On the other hand, organizing such a big tournament is a major challenge. Fortunately, Canada has experience in hosting sports events.

BC Place in Vancouver© Instagram: @trishyjewison – BC Place in Vancouver

Also, there are several impressive stadiums such as BC Place squeezed between the skyscrapers of Vancouver, and BMO Field standing by the very shore of Lake Ontario. Both venues will be hosting matches during the 2026 World Cup, providing safe and high-quality infrastructure. Besides, the country is an attractive tourist destination, which will certainly add to the atmosphere of the tournament. The 2026 World Cup in Canada will come to:

  • Vancouver. Discover the cultural and natural richness of the area. From the colorful streets of the hipster haven of Main Street to the snow-capped mountains. In Vancouver, BC Place stadium will serve as the battleground for the matches.

  • Toronto. It’s a city that has it all, with world-class museums, towering skyscrapers, beautiful parks, and a food scene that reflects its diverse cultural influences. The teams will face off at BMO Field stadium in the heart of the city.

For many, however, the biggest attraction of the 2026 World Cup in Canada will be the country's national team. It has made huge progress recently, which gives its fans much hope. In addition, the tournament is more than three years away. A lot can change for the Maple Leaf national team during that time. Let's hope for the best!

Panorama of Vancouver© Mike Benna – Panorama of Vancouver

Get ready for the upcoming football feast!

The World Cup is the most prestigious football tournament, bringing together the best national teams and showcasing the sport's finest talents. The 2026 edition promises to be an unforgettable event, with its unique format, increased number of teams, and three hosting countries. Football fans from all over the globe will come together to celebrate the beautiful game. With some of the world's most advanced and impressive stadiums hosting the matches, we can expect an unparalleled experience. The anticipation is building, and we can hardly wait for the tournament to begin!


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