Olympic Stadium Kyiv

Capacity65 720
ClubsFK Dynamo Kyiv
Inauguration 1948
Renovations 1966-68, 1978-80, 1997-99
Construction 01.12.2008 - 08.2011
Cost 4 - 4,5 mld UAH
Design GMP Architekten
Contractor KyivMiskBud Holding


Olympic Stadium Kyiv – tournament stadium description

Since Ukraine started bidding to host the event, Kyiv’s Olympic Stadium was always seen as the final match venue. Due to rather recent renovations in 1990’s it was the countries best ground, after all.

However it took organizers quite some time to find the ultimate concept. First one, chosen in 2007’s international competition, was done by Archasia Group from Taiwan. The Asian designers were dropped, however, as differences between investor’s demands and their abilities were supposedly too big. Thus a different vision by GMP Architekten was chosen later in 2008 and first works started in December that year.

Along this scheme main grandstand was rebuilt from scratch with a significant office block in front. Remaining sections were slightly renovated and the whole structure covered with massive membrane roof, supported by 80 slender pylons. Perhaps the most original feature are numerous skylights in the cover.

Euro 2012 games

Ukraine - Sweden 3:2 64,290 11.06.2012 20:45 Group D
Sweden - England 2:3 64,640 15.06.2012 20:45 Group D
Sweden - France 2:0 63,010 19.06.2012 20:45 Group D
England - Italy 0:0 (2:4p) 64,340 24.06.2012 20:45 Quarterfinal
Spain - Italy 4:0 63,170 01.07.2012 20:45 Final

Average attendance: 63,890


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