Weston Homes Stadium (London Road)

Capacity13 511
Country England
ClubsPeterborough United
Other names ABAX Stadium (2014-2019)
Inauguration 1913
Renovations 1945, 1953, 1957, 1960, 1995-1996, 2001, 2014
Record attendance 30 096 (Peterborough Utd – Arsenal, 1965)


Weston Homes Stadium – stadium description

The venue was erected in 1913, but it wasn’t even close to being called ‘venue’  with just one wooden stand for 250 people. When Peterborough United were moving in around 1934, a new building with dressing rooms was added in the background of the stand. It lasted until major revamps came in 1950’s.

In 1942 United were close to losing their tenancy as they owed money, but two individuals came in and saved the day by paying off the debt. Soon afterwards new terracing was built behind goals. A decade later the club was stable enough to buy the ground back and redevelop it. Goal stands received cover in 1953, with a new main stand built in the north in 1957. Interestingly, it was built behind the previous one, not in its place. After completion the older stand was dismantled and pitch was moved closer to the new one. After this 4th stand was erected opposite the main one with inauguration of floodlight masts in 1960 ending a very dynamic decade.

Main stand was revamped in 1992 after the Taylor Report. Then in Spring of 1996 the newest addition of that time came – a 2-tiered stand with skyboxes in the southern part of the ground, opposite the main stand. After this major change fans had to wait until November 2014 to see the new eastern grandstand with some 2,500 seats.

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