Voith-Arena (Albstadion)

Capacity15 000
5,905 (Seats)
9,050 (Terraces)
1000 (Business seats)
45 (Disabled seats)
Country Germany
Clubs1. FC Heidenheim
Other names GAGFAH-Arena (2009–2010)
Inauguration 04/09/2010 (1. FC Heidenheim - VfB Stuttgart, 2-3)
Construction 06/2009 - 09/2010
Renovations 2013, 2015
Cost € 14,1 million
Design Dietbert E. Trägner
Address Schloßhaustraße 160, 89522 Heidenheim


Voith-Arena – stadium description

First stadium in this location, in southern Heidenheim, was built by the city back in 1971. Albstadion had no grandstands at that point, but the first one arrived along the south edge of the field just a year later. This is the form in which the stadium remained until the new century.

Sitting 555 meters above sea level (2nd highest in Gernamy), the ground began changing in 2009. Expansion was forced by rapid growth of 1. FC Heidenheim 1846 and promotion to the 3rd league. By 2010 the south side was extended to entire field length, while three independent grandstands were added on remaining sides.

Further alterations were made in 2013-2015, when the team’s promotion to 2nd league forced capacity increase to 15,000 (requirement). That’s why both southern corners were filled in 2013, two northern ones in 2015. Adding to that, the whole stadium was covered with solar panels. By 2010 the city had spent over €14m, while in 2015 that amount increased to over €20m.

The landmark feature of this ground are its floodlights. Simple and cheap masts are placed diagonally, looking more impressively than regular vertical ones.

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