Estadio Municipal Butarque

Capacity12 454
Country Spain
ClubsCD Leganés
Inauguration 14.02.1998 (CD Leganés – Xerez CD)
Construction 1997–1998
Cost € 4.2 million
Renovations 2016, 2017, 2018
Design Y. Leon
Contractor ACS
Address Calle Arquitectura, 28914 Leganés


Estadio Municipal Butarque – stadium description

Estadio Butarque, built not far from Madrid, replaced the former home of CD Leganés, the aged Estadio Luis Rodriguez de Miguel, which dated back to the 1960s. The build ended in 1998 and since then it has continuously served as the club's home.

Upon opening it offered 8,138 seats and stayed in that formed until 2016. That's when CDL won their historic promotion to Primera División, forcing expansion to meet the most basic infrastructural requirements. While Leganés was exempted from the minimum 15,000-seat criterion, adding seats was necessary.

The development was phased and focused on adding rows in the front (between the field and initial auditorium) rather than building further stands behind. In 2016 five rows were added, boosting the size to 10,954. The following year further rows brought the size to 11,454 and in 2018 more seats + 18 skyboxes were added, setting the size at 12,450.

The stadium's footprint would have been circular if not for the straightened west side. The east stand is the main one, offering covered seating. Remaining sections remain open to the elements, adorned with blue seats with white additions, honouring the colours and symbols of CD Leganés.

Aside from the main stadium, the complex includes a secondary stadium for the reserves (behind west stand) and two full-sized fields to the south. Further development of the football academy is planned in the future.



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