The Dripping Pan

Capacity3 000
600 (Seats)
Country England
ClubsLewes FC
Inauguration 1730 / 1885
Renovations 2003, 2007
Address Mountfield Road, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 2XA


The Dripping Pan – stadium description

There are few clubs with a history like this one. Lewes FC were established back in 1885 and their ground dates back to that year, too. Or, for that matter, its football use goes that far, other sports (most notably cricket) were reported to be held here since 1730!

Due to the club’s unique character the stadium is known for its friendly and hospitable atmosphere. Lewes are a fan-owned club and they gained worldwide recognition for creative matchday posters.

But the stadium has even more to offer in terms of charm. The brick-wooden Clubhouse has been on the maps since the eighteenth century, when the stadium was nothing but excavated whole with grassy slopes around. This shape earned it the name of The Dripping Pan.

Today’s stands are located to the west (Philcox Terrace, built as a covered addition to the Clubhouse in 2003), south (Rookery Stand, built in 2007 and only seated and covered section of the ground) and east (Ham Lane End, open terrace used mostly by away teams). There isn’t a stand to the north, but the club allows people to take the flat room above the slope.



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