Princes Park Stadium (Dartford)

Capacity4 100
642 (Seats)
Country England
ClubsDartford FC
Inauguration 17.11.2006
Construction 11.2005 - 10.2006
Cost £7m
Design Alexander Sedgley
Address Grass Banks, Dartford, DA1 1RT


Princes Park – stadium description

This modest ground built on the site of what was previously a golf course was erected in 2006. Already then it was described as one of the most ‘green’ and sustainable venues in England, having earned several commendations. Its cover is made mostly of wood, covered with sedum roof blanket and solar panels that cover part of energy needs. Most installations are designed to be as efficient as possible and rainwater is recycled within the venue. Implementation of this design by Alexander Sedgley cost app. Ł7m.

There are just over 4,000 places provided for fans, of which only 642 are seated. Week-to-week tenants are Dartford FC and Millwall reserves.



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