Highbury Stadium

Capacity5 137
2,054 (Parkside Stand (east))
1,447 (Memorial Stand (north))
618 (Highbury Stand (west))
8+8 (Disabled seats)
20 (Press seats)
Country England
ClubsFleetwood Town FC
Inauguration 01.09.1939
Renovations 2008, 2010-2011
Address Park Avenue, Fleetwood, Lancashire, FY7 6TX


Highbury Stadium – stadium description

First game at the site was played in early September 1939, but as WWII broke out, fans had to wait several years for another fixture.

During its first decades it wasn’t used only by football side Fleetwood Town, but also by local speedway team (1948-1952), thus the large distance between two sections and the pitch, which wasn’t reduced until 2008.

This is when major overhaul of the stadium began, with new west and north stands being erected very quickly, between April and August. As second phase a modern east stand (with 7 skyboxes, among other features) was opened, but not in 2010, as initially planned, but in 2011.

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