Wham Stadium

Capacity5 057
2,000 (Seats)
Country England
ClubsAccrington Stanley FC
Inauguration 1968
Renovations 1995, 2007
Record attendance 4,368 (Accrington Stanley - Colchester Town, 03/01/2004)
Address Livingstone Road, Accrington, BB5 5BX, United Kingdom


Wham Stadium – stadium description

Established in 1891, Accrington Stanley (initially Stanley Villa) held their games at Peel Park until 1962. Then the club went bust spectacularly and was reborn in 1968, acquiring the current stadium in northern Accrington.

Its original name is Crown Ground and no, it’s got nothing to do with the British Crown directly. It’s owed to the Crown Pub, also owned by Accrington Stanley. Formal names over the years have changed a lot, in this century beginning with Interlink Express and Fraser Eagle as sponsors, then moving to Wham, the current one.

Opened with very modest stands of just three rows on three sides of the field (only the south side had two larger terraces), the stadium continues to be among the smallish stadia to host the Football League.

The two southern stands exist independently to this day, even though they’re covered by a shared roof. You can notice that they’re not parallel, even if well conjoined during post-1990’s reforms. Officially they’re named Jack Barrett Memorial Stand (east) and John Smiths Stand (west).

The west end, commonly known as Clayton End, is occupied by the Stanley Ultras, most vocal fans. It’s the most recently covered stand, also equipped with seats in lower rows as an attempt to meet League Two criteria.

Opposite end of the stadium is taken by the Coppice End, the only entirely uncovered terrace. It’s also the tallest stand by row count, usually entirely dedicated to away supporters. However, partly due to weather, travelling fans are also welcome in part of the southern main grandstand.

Finally, north side is taken by the last stand to have only three rows. The Whinney Hill Terrace is the smallest one, especially after addition of seats and simple roof.



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