Cars Jeans Stadion (Aad Mansveld Stadion)

Capacity15 000
Country Netherlands
ClubsADO Den Haag
Other names Kyocera Stadion (2010–2017), ADO Den Haag Stadion (2007–2010)
Inauguration 28/07/2007 (ADO Den Haag - RBC Roosendaal, 0-0)
Construction 23/11/2005 - 06/2007
Cost € 27 million
Design Zwarts en Jansma Architekten
Contractor Ballast Nedam
Address Haags Kwartier 55, 2491 BM The Hague, Netherlands

Description: Cars Jeans Stadion

Construction started in May 2005 with installing the first pile. By 2007/08 season it was ready, but the first year wasn’t too successful. On the contrary, locals started saying that it’s a stadium “never more than half full” due to low attendances. Ironic start if taken into account that Zwarts en Jansma architects planned it to be expandable to 30,000.

Called simply Ado den Haag Stadion at the beginning, it was later awarded a naming rights deal and renamed to Kyocera Stadion. Many fans however appealed to give Aad Mansveld – local legend – the name and when the club refused, they started using it anyway.



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