Capacity10 200
2,434 (Seats)
8,952 (Terracing)
Country Germany
ClubsKieler SV Holstein von 1900
Other names Holstein-Platz (1911-1965)
Inauguration 15.10.1911
Renovations 1922, 1927, 1943, 1949-50, 1957, 2006-09, 2018-2019
Record attendance 30,000 (Holstein Kiel - HSV, 23.03.1951)
Address Westring 501, 24106 Kiel


Description: Holstein-Stadion

It stands in the same location since 1911, making it one of the older venues in Germany. Initially with a single wooden stand, it was renovated and expanded first in 1922 after a tornado damaged the structure. Later in 1927 running track was added and by 1943 capacity already stood at 18,000.

However bombings during WWII damaged the ground, causing repairs until 1950. This is when existing main stand was opened. By 1957 the stadium already had first floodlight system and capacity of even 30,000, mostly terraced.

It wasn’t until recent 2006-09 redevelopment works that two sloped stands were destroyed (west and north), leaving eastern side the only one with low terracing. New steel structures have both cover and seats in most sections, new giant screens and floodlights were also installed.



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