Xiaoshan Sports Center Stadium

Capacity10 118
Country People's Republic of China
Inauguration 22/07/2022
Construction 2019–2022


Xiaoshan Sports Center Stadium – stadium description

How did the construction of the new stadium in Xiaoshan develop?

In 2015, Hangzhou was selected to host the 19th Asian Games, scheduled for September 2022, and one of the sporting venues for these event was to be a stadium in the Xiaoshan district, which was scheduled to host some of the football competition matches.

The old stadium, which was opened in 1996, was to be demolished and a completely new venue built from scratch in its place. The adjacent sports hall, which was to be used for weightlifting competitions, was also to be completely modernised. The entire surroundings were also changing.

When was the new stadium in Xiaoshan built?

Demolition of the old stadium was carried out in March and April 2019, after which construction of the new arena began in its place. The facility was fully completed in mid-2022 and on July 22 of that year it was opened to residents wishing to use its athletics track. In the meantime, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Asian Games in Hangzhou were postponed until 2023.

What are the features of the new stadium in Xiaoshan?

The stadium has a tartan athletics track, surrounded all around by single-tier stands with a capacity of 10,118 spectators. The first row of stands is elevated relative to the running track and turf. The auditorium is equipped with folding seats, with a different colour on each of the four sides: light blue, purple, dark blue and red. The main stand, with additional facilities and lowered central part, is located on the west side. Two wide screens have been placed on the arches.

The stands are fully covered by a canopy. They are covered by a façade formed by horizontal lines that can be illuminated at night. The roof is situated quite high in relation to the stands, and the space created between the upper edge of the auditorium and the canopy allows wind gusts to enter the stadium. 220 loudspeakers have been installed under the roof.

Outside the stadium, near the corners, four floodlight masts have been erected. From the outside, the arena is also surrounded by a path created to resemble an athletics track, which has four lanes. The facility is part of a small sports complex, which also includes an indoor arena, a badminton hall and an outdoor swimming pool.



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