Qingdao West Coast University Town Stadium

Capacity20 000
Country People's Republic of China
ClubsQingdao West Coast FC, Qingdao Red Lions FC
Other names Guzhenkou University City Sports Center
Inauguration 10/05/2023
Construction 2020–2023
Cost CNY 370 M ($51 M)
Contractor China Railway Construction Engineering Group


Qingdao West Coast University Town Stadium – stadium description

When was Qingdao West Coast University Town Stadium built?

Construction of the new multi-purpose stadium on the outskirts of Qingdao, in the West Coast New District (more than 50 km south-west of the city center), began in 2020. A 6,000-seat arena was also being built alongside, creating a new sports complex with the stadium. The construction of the stadium cost 370 million yuan.

Who became the hosts of Qingdao West Coast University Town Stadium?

Football clubs Qingdao West Coast FC (playing in China League One – the second league division in 2023) and Qingdao Red Lions FC (playing in China League Two in 2023) have been named hosts of the new facility.

When was Qingdao West Coast University Town Stadium inaugurated?

Construction of the stadium was completed in the spring of 2023, and the venue was inaugurated on May 10, 2023, on the occasion of the league match between Qingdao West Coast FC and Heilongjiang Ice City FC (3:1). It should be noted that the Qingdao West Coast FC team won a historic promotion to the Chinese Super League in the 2023 season.

What are the characteristics of Qingdao West Coast University Town Stadium?

What does Qingdao West Coast University Town Stadium look like?

The stadium in the West Coast New District was built just 500m from the sea. The facility features an athletics track, surrounded by a ring of stands, which is divided into four segments. By far the tallest, two-storey main stand is located on the west side. Behind the stand on the opposite side, a large video screen has been erected.

The upper parts of the main stand (partly also the stands on the curves) are covered with an impressive roof based on a steel framework. The metal structure is clad in aluminum slats and the upper part of the covering is more or less half glazed. The roof structure is crescent-shaped and makes the venue "open" to the east, providing spectators from the upper sections of the main stand with a view of the Yellow Sea and Lingshan Island.

The auditorium features plastic folding seats in blue tones, which are arranged in patterns of sea waves. The capacity of the stadium's stands is 20,000 spectators. There are VIP boxes in the main stand. The facility has floodlights with an intensity of 1,600 lux, provided by spotlights located under the roof (on the west side) and on two masts, standing to the east.

What are the surroundings of Qingdao West Coast University Town Stadium?

From the outside, an elevated access platform surrounds the stadium. In the surrounding area, small playing fields, green areas, pathways, access roads and car parks have been created. One of the two main elements of the complex, alongside the stadium, is an indoor arena for 6,000 spectators. Construction of a badminton center adjacent to the complex began in autumn 2023.

What is the symbolism of Qingdao West Coast University Town Stadium?

On a metaphorical level, the stadium is meant to resemble a shell and its roof symbolizes the moon. The neighboring sports hall, on the other hand, is a reflection of the sun. The whole is intended by the creators to realize the motif of "collecting shells in sunlight and moonlight".



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