Shenzhen Bay Sports Center

Capacity20 000
Country People's Republic of China
Inauguration 2011
Construction 02/2009 - 2011
Cost $ 2.3 billion
Design Beijing Institute of Architectural Design
Address Binhai Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen No. 3001


Shenzhen Bay Sports Center – stadium description

International design competition was held in early 2008 and preparatory work began already in November the same year. Actual construction work saw foundations laid in February 2009 and by mid-2011 the complex was ready, in time for the 2011 Universiade held in Shenzhen.

With a complete budget of $2.3 billion Shenzhen received a new extensive sporting complex in its western part, by the waters of the Shenzhen Bay. Main building consists of three arenas conjoined with external steel skin, largely perforated.

The snake-alike building runs from the West to the East, consisting of an office tower, swimming pool, indoor arena (13,000 capacity) and multi-sue stadium (20,000 seats). The latter ends the center with a wide gate that allows most spectators not only enjoy the events inside, but also the view of Shenzhen Bay. For those wanting a better look there is also a viewing terrace atop the east stand.

Apart from the main building complex there are also surrounding sports facilities, like a full-size training pitch for football and a large set of tennis courts.



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