Leshan Olympic Center Stadium

Capacity30 000
Country People's Republic of China
Inauguration 08/08/2022
Construction 2019–2022
Cost CNY 2,476 B / $ 366.3 M (whole complex)
Contractor China Construction Third Bureau Group Co., Ltd.


Leshan Olympic Center Stadium – stadium description

How was Leshan's new 30,000-seat stadium built?

In July 2018, Leshan was awarded the right to host the 14th Sichuan Provincial Games in 2022. A number of investments were made in the city's sports infrastructure in connection with these competitions, the most important of which was the construction of the main sports complex including the stadium where the opening ceremony was to be held.

The site for the new complex was chosen in Suji New District, a dozen kilometres west of downtown Leshan, on the right bank of the Qingyi River. Construction work started in February 2019, after China Construction Third Bureau Group Co., Ltd. was commissioned as the main contractor. The total investment is worth 2.476 billion yuan. On August 8, 2022, the opening ceremony of the 14th Sichuan Provincial Games was held at the new complex's stadium, which was also the inauguration of the venue.

What are the characteristics of Leshan Olympic Center Stadium?

The main stadium of the complex features an athletics track, surrounded by a ring of stands. The main stand, enlarged by a second tier, is located on the west side. Two video screens have been placed on the arches. The auditorium is equipped with warm-coloured plastic seats in a custom, original shape. The stands are fully covered by a membrane canopy on which floodlights are mounted. The capacity of the stadium is 30 000 spectators.

On the outside, the stands are covered with a metallic façade composed of narrow horizontal bars. In addition to the stadium, the main elements of the complex are the three buildings housing the sports hall, the indoor swimming pool and the training centre. The surroundings also include an athletics practice track, as well as tennis courts and small pitches. Appropriate landscaping, pathways and green areas have been created, and underground car parks have been built.

The complex has been designed on a grand scale, with great attention to detail and aesthetics. The buildings have been given unusual, streamlined and asymmetrical shapes. The architecture of the stadium and the three venues is intended to abstractly reflect the famous mountains of the Leshan area, Emei and Lingyun. The Leshan Olympic Centre is designed to host national and international high-level sports competitions and various events, while on a day-to-day basis it will serve students and local residents.



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