Handan Sports Center Stadium

Capacity30 000
Country People's Republic of China
Inauguration 23/06/2023
Construction 2018–2021
Cost CNY 1.1 B ($150 M)
Contractor China Construction Science and Industry Corporation


Handan Sports Center Stadium – stadium description

When was Handan Sports Center Stadium built?

The construction of the new multi-purpose stadium in Handan began in the second half of 2018. The facility grew up in the northeastern suburbs, next to the then also under construction new campus of Hebei University of Engineering, in a place where previously only farmland existed. The stadium was built by the China Construction Science and Industry Corporation and the cost of the work (including associated facilities) was 1.1 billion yuan. The facility was built using prefabricated components.

According to the original plans, the facility should have been ready on October 1, 2020. The main intention for the stadium was to host the 16th Hebei Provincial Games, which were to be held in Handan in 2022, so exceeding the initial commissioning date was not a big problem, and the Games themselves were also later moved to 2023. The facility was actually ready at the end of 2021, although there was still time to wait for the commissioning.

What events took place at Handan Sports Center Stadium at the beginning of its operation?

The first major test of the stadium, which can be considered its inauguration, was a music concert organized on June 23, 2023. Attendance at the concert was around 26,000 people. The 21st Hebei Provincial University Games, of which the stadium was the main arena, took place from July 25-28, 2023.

However, the most important event for which the stadium was being prepared was the 16th Hebei Provincial Games. The main part of the competition took place between September 8 and 16, 2023, with the opening ceremony taking place at the stadium, as well as athletics, rugby and archery competitions. Shortly after these competitions, the 10th edition of the Hebei Provincial Games for people with disabilities was held between October 10 and 13, 2023, combined with the 6th edition of the Provincial Special Olympics, of which the new stadium in Handan was also the main arena.

What purpose does Handan Sports Center Stadium serve on a daily basis?

After the provincial games, the stadium can serve the local residents as well as the nearby university. It is also suitable for top-level sports competitions and cultural events. The facility has received a first-class certificate from the Chinese athletics federation.

What are the characteristics of Handan Sports Center Stadium?

The stadium is a multi-purpose facility equipped with an athletics track, around which stretch two-tier stands that can accommodate 30,000 spectators. The auditorium has plastic seats, forming a blue and white mosaic. Behind the south arch, a video screen has been placed. The stands are surrounded by a steel roof and façade structure. A raised platform surrounds the stadium from the outside. The venue is a landmark of the area, and it is also the largest stadium in the southern part of Hebei Province.

The facility can be illuminated at night and is equipped with devices to create spectacular choreography both inside and outside. The architecture of the facility incorporates elements that allude to the symbolism associated with tai chi, a martial art originating from the Handan area. The facility thus combines traditional, regional features with modernity.

The stadium is located in the north-eastern suburb of Handan, in the so-called Eastern New District. Surrounding the stadium are green areas and car parks, as well as an athletics practice track. Directly behind the southern arch is a sizable square, and there is also a junction of two wide streets nearby. The facility is adjacent to the site of the new Hebei University of Engineering campus.



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