Daqing Olympic Park Stadium

Capacity32 031
861 (including 714 in 58 skyboxes) (VIP seats)
72 (Disabled seats)
Country People's Republic of China
Inauguration 2012
Construction 2010 - 10/2012
Cost CNY 560 million


Daqing Olympic Park Stadium – stadium description

Modern stadium in northern city of Daqing is expected to resemble a wicker basket. In a modern way this makes a connection with traditional Chinese crafts. Visually the basket-alike pattern is created by brown mesh and red polycarbonate panels placed across the tin-covered dome. But the stadium’s key feature is its 800-meter long red steel ring winding above the stands and co-supporting the roof. This ring visually creates handles of the basket.

The stadium was built nearly at the heart of Daqing, directly adjacent Daqing’s largest park and between three major lakes. It offers 3,000 parking spots and is part of a greater sports complex. The entire project with three indoor halls consumed CNY 1.55 billion, but the stadium itself required roughly a third of that amount (560 million, or $88m / €71m in 2012).

The stands are able to hold just over 32,000 people, including over 700 guests in 58 skyboxes. There are also two large lounges for corporate guests. Overall the infrastructure consists of 4 floors underneath the stands. Concrete structure’s peak is reached at 27m, while roof structure has its highest point at nearly 42m, not counting the red arches.



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