Bergamo: Works on the new south tribune have started

source: [KT]; author: Karol Tatar

Bergamo: Works on the new south tribune have started Atalanta does not stop in moving forward to finish their revitalized 24,000 venue. An intensive schedule includes the reconstruction of the south tribune which has already started progressing.


What is the general plan and what has been done?

Following the three-stage plan of the reconstruction, the current north and south stands will be fully replaced by the completely new ones. Both historic parts along the pitch will be subject to modernization only. To maximize viewers' experience the revitalized tribunes will be situated much closer to the playing field and made without the glass separating the supporters from the ground.

The first two phases of work at Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio’s home stadium are almost complete. It's thanks to completion of the stadium's Curva Nord stand, including new seating with the club’s ‘1907’ inscription. Both south and east have been equipped with new seats

GEWISS Stadium - Atalanta Bergamasca© Gewiss Group

The white-blue ones placed on the G. Cesare tribune create the Atalanta name on the whole stand area. On the south tribune we can also observe brand-new places, installed temporary only till the final refurbishment.

South stand under preparations

The project for the south stand has been defined by Studio De8 together with the club. The first step includes the authorization process which will last no less than 5-6 months and will be more advanced than the ones for the North tribune. Its more complex nature comes from the presence of the car park and its public service features.

When the necessary bureaucratic steps come to end, the work on the new south area would begin at the end of the 2020-21 season (May, 2021), as the Atalanta underlines. With the final result, the south stand will be wrapped up in the façade and covered by a translucent skin supported by light steel lattice structures. 

GEWISS Stadium - Atalanta Bergamasca© Gewiss Group

Race for the Champions League games

Stadium reconstruction goes together with the very good sporting results from Atalanta Bergamo. Club has finished the last two seasons of the Serie A in the third position being qualified automatically to the group stage of the UEFA Champions League. Competing on the european stage is very important in point of view generating the additional revenues from broadcasting rights, match day experiences and strengthening the club’s brand. All in flash of pride for the people of Bergamo and the surrounding area. 

GEWISS Stadium - Atalanta Bergamasca© Atalanta Bergamo / De8 Architetti

Three group matches and one of the round of 16 phase of the 2019/20 season were played on San Siro, 55 km away from Gewiss Stadium which didn’t meet UEFA requirements. After further adaptation works requested by UEFA and carried out in recent weeks, Atalanta have officially been given the all-clear to play their 2020/2021 UEFA Champions League games in Bergamo. Matches against Ajax, Liverpool and Midtjylland are being played behind closed doors.

GEWISS Stadium - Atalanta Bergamasca© Atalanta Bergamo / De8 Architetti

Construction began on April 30, 2019 and is taking shape in order for a brand new stadium to be ready in 2021. Total cost of the reconstructions was estimated at €40 million, including the expenditure for the new roof equal to almost €10 million. The plans include building two new covered curves and refurbishing the other stands.

The revitalized venue will be able to host 24,000 people. Just to remind, the club from the eastern Lombard acquired in 2017 the historical Stadio Atleti Azzurri d'Italia from the municipality and soon afterwards presented the official vision of its reconstruction, updated in early 2019. From the beginning the schedule was very ambitious.

Author: Karol Tatar