Liverpool: Everton appoint stadium development director

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Liverpool: Everton appoint stadium development director As we await formal planning application to be filed, Everton FC have appointed Colin Chong as their stadium development director for the Bramley-Moore Dock project.


Colin Chong was selected out of a list of candidates from across England and is now the stadium development director at Everton. His appointment comes among other staff changes in the Premier League club.

As quoted by the Liverpool Echo, Everton now preparing to ”move towards the crucial planning phases” of their £500-million stadium project, part of the riverfront revitalisation megaproject.

While supporters have been involved in consultation with the stadium's architect Dan Meis a few months ago already, there are still no official renders of the 50,000+ venue.

The promised stadium couldn't come soon enough and already many supposed time frame estimates have been passed. Back in 2016 the Independent expected groundbreaking as soon as late 2017, while Mirror suggested the same event taking place in early 2018.

While EFC have made milestones by agreeing on stadium site with riverfront developer Peel and ecuring municipal support both politically, infrastructurally and financially, we're yet to see what's going to be built. That's exactly what Colin Chong is here to take care of.