Liverpool: Everton to break ground in a year?

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Liverpool: Everton to break ground in a year? This would be a great Christmas 2017 present for The Toffees supporters. The Independent claims that work on the Bramley-Moore Dock stadium can begin by the end of next year.


A memoire of aging Goodison Park in Liverpool was published yesterday by The Independent. Part of it, even if small, is the suggestion that Everton might reveal details of the new stadium in just 3-4 months. Website led by supporters,, suggests in turn that first details could come sooner, during the club’s annual general meeting on January 4.


What’s clear in both version is that the preferred location for a new 50,000+ stadium is the Bramley-Moore Dock, just north of central Liverpool. Officially it’s still one of two possible sites but according to reports it offers much greater potential than the more remote Stonebridge Cross.

The Independent further claims that works on site might be launched in late 2017, a year from now. Taking into account how challenging the dockland location is, the new stadium might be opened no sooner than 2020.

Along information of the architect in charge of Everton’s stadium study will be present at Goodison later today for the derby game against Liverpool. It’s understood that the architect in question is Dan Meis who had already visited both possible sites in October.