Netherlands: Breda also to have a solar stadium

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Netherlands: Breda also to have a solar stadium Another Dutch stadium will turn into a solar power plant by late 2016, this time in Breda. The installation will power 260 households.


Were we a decade back, this would have been groundbreaking news. But by now the trend of installing photovoltaic systems on top of stadiums is quite common. The Netherlands, alongside Switzerland and Germany, are among the most advanced countries in this subject.

Only over the last three years small solar plants were installed on the roofs of stadia in Amsterdam, Groningen, Alkmaar, the Hague and Volendam. Now Breda will join the pack as local authorities decided to install 2,600 batteries on the roof of Rat Verlegh Stadion.

The system will cover an impressive surface of 4,170 m2, supplying power to the grid on a daily basis from 2017 onwards. It’s estimated that it would produce enough power for 260 households.

Installation of the panels will begin in late 2016, coinciding with the municipality’s repairs and strengthening of the stands, which have been showing cracks in recent years.

Rat Verlegh Stadion