Groningen: Euroborg roof to supply power for 70 households

source:; author: michał

Groningen: Euroborg roof to supply power for 70 households The Dutch stadium will soon double the number of its solar panels. Thanks to private citizens financing further batteries, Euroborg’s roof is the largest crowd-funded project across the Netherlands.


As we informed in late 2013, 531 photovoltaic panels were mounted atop Euroborg stadium in Groningen. This step came as part of a crowdfunding campaign to promote renewable energy. Individual citizens can “adopt” a battery and then reduce electricity bills by equivalent of what the battery produces.

Popularity of the campaign proved sufficient to add further 561 panels, reaching nearly 1,100 batteries already, while the roof’s size allows roughly 100 more to be added. The 561 new batteries are to be added in September.

Altogether 400 people financed the scheme and helped reach annual production of 240,000 kWh. This is enough to supply 70 households for entire year. Despite not using the stadium’s full potential yet, Groningen’s project is already the biggest of its kind across the country.

EuroborgPhoto: Harry Brouwer