Stadion Hutnika Warszawa – until 2019

Capacity6 000
550 (Seats)
Country Poland
ClubsBKS Hutnik Warszawa
Retire year2019
Inauguration 1985
Renovations 2008, 2011
Address Marymoncka 42, 01-977 Warszawa


Stadion Hutnika Warszawa – historical stadium description

The former stadium of Hutnik Warszawa was built in 1985 to accommodate the club, which until then had used the pitches of the nearby Academy of Physical Education.

Since its foundation, the stadium on Marymoncka Street has served Hutnik as a home venue. At the time of the club's greatest successes (1980s and early 1990s), second division matches were held here.

The stadium was picturesquely situated on the edge of the Bielański Forest. It was surrounded on all sides by embankments, but only the western curve had stands. On the other side, the embankment was reclaimed by nature to some extent. The stands were mostly old benches. Only 550 seats were plastic. There were also plans to build stands on the other side of the embankment, but these did not come to fruition. The facility had no floodlighting.

From 2008 onwards gradual renovations began. The work was mainly related to increasing the capacity of the facility, due to licensing requirements (in 2011, Hutnik was promoted to the third league, which resulted in the need to increase the seating capacity to five hundred).

Due to the different origins of the stadium seats (including from the now-defunct Stadion Wojska Polskiego), the seats in the stands were in different colours. Among the many of them, however, the club’s orange and black predominated.

Between 2019 and 2021, the stadium, together with the entire surroundings, was completely rebuilt. The embankments of the old facility were removed and a completely new, football-specific stadium was built in its place, with two stands located on both sides of the pitch. The capacity of the new facility is over 1,300 spectators.




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