Petershill Park

Capacity2 000
500 (Covered seats)
Country Scotland
ClubsPetershill FC, Rossvale FC
Inauguration 2007
Address 28-30 Adamswell St, Glasgow G21 4DD, United Kingdom


Petershill Park – stadium description

The story of first Petershill Park is quite impressive and begins with – as one would suspect in Glasgow – with a Celtic-Rangers clash during opening. This was back in 1935 and was witnessed by up to 20,000 people. Later the stadium was used by Petershill FC until 2005, when construction of the next generation venue began.

Current Petershill Park is located on a plot directly west of the old one, which was replaced by small (5-a-side) training fields. The new stadium has only one grandstand along the northern side of the field. It’s incorporated into the ground’s main building that also houses a gymnasium, pub and other facilities for club use.

Capacity of the ground is nowhere near that of the predecessor, but Petershill FC are also a different club than they used to be. Last major success in the Scottish Junior Cup was witnessed back in 1985.



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