Cluj Arena

Capacity30 335
1,464 (VIP/business seats)
168 (Press seats)
32 (Disabled seats)
Country Romania
ClubsCFM Universitatea Cluj-Napoca
Inauguration 01.10.2011
Construction 2009-2011
Cost 45 mln €
Design Dico si Tiganas BP


Cluj Arena – stadium description

Implementation of the design began with tearing down old stands in November 2008. A few months later construction of new ones started and was due to finish in mid-2011. That goal was not achieved, just as the initial budget, which was increased by 50% - from €30 mln to €45 mln. 30% was donated by the government, the rest came from Cluj county.

Thanks to 8-track athletics track and impressive capacity it is now the best Romanian venue for track and field events. Though football fans will not be fond of this, as local team Universitatea are the ones to provide regular week-to-week use. Not all seats are covered and the bowl shape is the outcome of plot restrictions. Under elegant cladding there are offices of the club and necessary facilities for both sportsmen and fans. In the underground part a parking lot has been created.



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