Brann Stadion

Capacity17 686
4,354 (North stand)
3,910 (East stand)
4,558 (South stand)
4,381 (West stand)
1,000 (west) (Terraces)
17 (Disabled seats)
Country Norway
ClubsSK Brann
Inauguration 1919
Renovations 1930, 1960, 1997, 1999, 2005-2007
Record attendance 24 800 (Brann - Fredrikstad, 1961)
Address Kniksens Plass 1, 5063 Bergen, Norge


Brann Stadion – stadium description

The stadium in south Bergen has been in operation since 1919, today forming the heart of this city’s major football precinct. It has little to do with the old structure, though. The oldest existing piece is the central section of southern grandstand, built in early 1930s. Its expansions were added in 1960 (to the west) and 1997 (to the east).

Two years later a brand new west stand was opened, comprising the club’s official pub and becoming home to more vibrant fans. Since 2014 the lower part has 1,000 standing places created to satisfy public demand.

Most recent redevelopment works include the east and north stands, built in 2005-2007. The smaller end zone came first, providing room for club offices and megastore. Then in 2007 the north side stand was added with new infrastructure for players and corporate clients. There are 36 skyboxes, among other functions.

Official attendance record dates back to 1961, when 24,800 people were reportedly watching the clash against Fredrikstad. However there are reports that during both this game and one more in 1996 the crowd was in excess of 30,000, though not all paid admission.

Brann remains one of Norway’s most popular clubs and since 2007 claims full ownership of the stadium. Its name has been secured as Brann Stadion, but this doesn’t mean no other team ever used it. Quite the opposite, it hosted three national cup finals along with several internationals by Norway.



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