Al-Shabab Club Stadium

Capacity15 000
Country Saudi Arabia
ClubsAl-Shabab FC
Inauguration 21/10/2023
Construction 2021–2023
Cost SAR 52.475 M ($14 M)


Al-Shabab Club Stadium – stadium description

How did the Al-Shabab stadium redevelopment come about?

In June 2021, the Saudi Ministry of Sports announced a plan to develop three smaller stadiums in the country. Among them was the facility owned by the Al-Shabab Club of Riyadh, in addition, the Ettifaq Club of Dammam and Al Fateh of Al-Mubarraz were also on the list.

What was the old Al-Shabab stadium like?

Al-Shabab stadium opened in 1984, with an athletics track and two stands (the western one with a canopy) capable of holding 10,000 spectators. However, the club's first team, which ranks among the Saudi top teams, mainly played at the much larger Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium.

The Al-Shabab facility was built in the north-western areas of Riyadh and was part of a larger sports complex. Alongside it was a sports hall with an auditorium for 600 people, training pitches and the Al-Shabab headquarters. The stadium was known as Khalid bin Sultan Stadium, named after the Saudi prince who was the honorary president of Al-Shabab.

When did the redevelopment of Al-Shabab Stadium take place?

Thanks to a decision by the Ministry of Sport, the complete redevelopment of the stadium began in September 2021. The cost of the works was close to 52.5 million Saudi rials. Completion of the redevelopment was initially set for July 2022, the deadline was later pushed back to January 2023, and finally the opening had to wait until autumn 2023.

When did the redeveloped Al-Shabab stadium open?

On August 31, 2023, the first training session was held at the redeveloped stadium, to which, in limited numbers, spectators were also allowed. The actual inauguration of the facility took place on October 21, 2023 on the occasion of the 10th round Saudi League match against Al-Tai FC (2:0).

What did the redevelopment of Al-Shabab stadium include?

As part of the redevelopment, the athletics track was removed and two additional stands were created behind the goals. The existing two stands were refurbished and the entire stadium received a new canopy and floodlighting masts. As the old stands remained in place (the east stand received additional lower rows, advancing slightly to the front), they are still a considerable distance from the pitch after the removal of the running track.

What does the new Al-Shabab stadium look like?

The stadium has a rectangular, football-specific layout, with four stands located on each side of the pitch. The main stand with VIP boxes is located on the west side. The capacity of the facility is 15,000 spectators. Black and white seats are installed in the auditorium. The stands are connected by a shared white membrane roof, which, however, does not cover all rows in the lower sections. Four floodlighting masts stand behind the corners.

Unlike the old facility, the redeveloped stadium is to serve as the main venue for the Al-Shabab team, at which the club will regularly play its matches.



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