Tochigi Green Stadium

Capacity15 589
Country Japan
ClubsTochigi SC
Inauguration 03.1993
Renovations 2010, 2011


Tochigi Green Stadium – stadium description

If you enter the stadium by bridge located among trees and three of four stands are covered with grass, you know why it’s called ‘green’. This used to be the case with Tochigi Green Stadium when it opened back in 1993. There was a concrete main stand with minor roof covering some seats and on all three remaining sides there were grassy steps that accommodated people in a more ‘picnic’ manner.

This isn’t how the ground looks now, because along with the football rise and promotion of Tochigi Soccer Club, rose the requirements the ground had to comply with. So the stand opposite main one was also rebuilt in early 2011 to become a concrete one instead of grassy and get capacity above the 15,000 J.League minimum. Theoretically the capacity is over 18,000, but due to safety regulations it’s limited to just over 15,000 for J.League games.



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