Sapporo Atsubetsu Park Stadium

Capacity20 861
6,412 (West stand)
4,784 (North stand)
4,823 (East stand)
4,842 (South stand)
Country Japan
ClubsConsadole Sapporo
Floodlights 1,500 lux
Inauguration 1986
Address Sapporo Atsubetsu ku Kami Nopporo Article 3 1-chome, 2-1, Japan


Atsubetsu Stadium – stadium description

The multi-use stadium in south-east Sapporo was opened in 1986. Its early years saw only one grandstand operating (west), while remaining sides were green terraces. However, when a major tenant arrived (Consadole, 1994), it began growing with more permanent seating on other sides.

With J League requirements changing, floodlights had to be installed, but… never were. Instead of permanent lighting masts four cranes are used to lift the lamps when needed.

Atsubetsu has a special place in the hearts of Consadole fans. During first two seasons here the team was unbeaten and won 21 times, all this despite hardly being a powerhouse of Japanese football. This earned the stadium its “Holy Land” nickname.

Over the years magic began losing to infrastructural requirements, though. Atsubetsu is still a part of Consadole’s every season, but only as few as two games were played per year in this location as the team moved most fixtures to Sapporo Dome.



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