Kincho Stadium (Nagai Ball Gall Field)

Capacity20 500
Country Japan
ClubsCerezo Osaka
Inauguration 04.1987
Renovations 2009, 2011
Address Nagai Park, Higashisumiyoshi-ku, Osaka, Japan

Description: Kincho Stadium

Opened in April 1987, this Benue serves football, rugby and American football. It’s part of the Nagai Park and second biggest stadium of that sports complex after the main Nagai Stadium. In 2009 football side Cerezo Osaka offered to take part in renovation if the municipality agree to cover most spending.  After these works were done, Cerezo became the anchor tenant.

In 2010 the name Nagai Ball Gall Field was sold as part of naming rights deal with Kincho. The contract is to end on Dec 31st 2013.



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