Ningineer Stadium (Matsuyama Athletic Stadium)

Capacity30 000
Country Japan
ClubsEhime FC
Inauguration 10/1979
Renovations 1994, 2005, 2012-2014, 2015
Address 〒791-1136, Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture Ueno-cho B 46, Japan

Description: Ningineer Stadium

Property of the Ehime Prefecture, this athletic stadium was built in southern Matsuyama in 1979. At that point it had only one concrete grandstand in the west, while remaining sides were surrounded by low artificial slopes covered with grass.

Its distinctive floodlight masts arrived in 1994. Interestingly though, the first floodlit game took place already in 1993, when temporary lighting was used for the Sanfrecce – Antlers game.

Following the success of Ehime FC (promoted to 3rd league in 2003 and 2nd league in 2005), the stadium had to grow. Initial increase meant adding 5 rows of benches on the formerly green landfill.

This proved insufficient for the prefecture’s aspirations (both in football and athletics) for the venue, prompting a much greater expansion in 2012. This time much greater additional sections were added on both ends, while by far the largest stand was built in the east, holding over 9,000 people. In 2015 this was complemented by installation of a 9-lane running track.

To finance at least part of the above works the prefecture signed a naming rights contract back in 2008. Called Ningineer Stadium officially, the stadium is often abbreviated as Ninsuta by locals.

Interestingly, Ehime FC doesn’t usually use all of the stadium. The club opens only half of the stands (north and east) for regular games.



  • Ningineer Stadium (Matsuyama Athletic Stadium)
    11.08.2013 © Kanko3131 (cc: by-sa)
  • Ningineer Stadium (Matsuyama Athletic Stadium)
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  • Ningineer Stadium (Matsuyama Athletic Stadium)
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  • Ningineer Stadium (Matsuyama Athletic Stadium)
    11.08.2013 © Kanko3131 (cc: by-sa)

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