Noevir Stadium Kobe (Kobe Wing Stadium, Misaki Park Stadium)

Capacity30 132
Country Japan
ClubsVissel Kobe
Other names Home’s Stadium Kobe (2007–2013)
Inauguration 09.2001
Renovations 2002-2004
Cost 191 mln $
Design Obayashi
Contractor Kobe Steel
Address 1 Misaki-cho, Hyogo-ku, Kobe City
Other retractable roof


Noevir Stadium Kobe – stadium description

Previous ground in this location was erected back in 1970 and became part of history of Japanese architecture for being the first stadium with external illumination. But with just over 13,000 capacity it couldn’t cope with demand coming thanks to Japan hosting the 2002 World Cup. The stadiums was completely rebuilt to accommodate some 42,000 people with two parts covered and two open.

The open-air ends were temporary however and started being dismantled soon after the event. Next came the construction of retractable roof that slides up and down the huge arch-shaped thrusses. Soon after being finished, this feature proved to be a problem by blocking sunlight and natural ventilation of the pitch. Ironically, its multi-functionality then became a drawback with grass being heavily exploited by two football teams (Vissel and the female side of Reonessa) and one rugby tenant, the Steelers. Cultural events and more sport – martial arts and American football made it even worse. The latter sport was finally banned after several pitch relaying operations.

In 2007 a naming rights deal was sealed and changed the name to Home’s Stadium Kobe. After 3 years the contract was prolonged until 2013. The name was later changed for the Noevir brand.