U-Power Stadium (Stadio Brianteo)

Capacity15 039
Country Italy
ClubsAC Monza Brianza 1912
Inauguration 28.08.1988 (Monza Brianza – AS Roma, 2-1)
Construction 1982–1986
Cost 18 billion L
Address Via Franco Tognini 4, 20900 Monza


U-Power Stadium – stadium description

What were the first AC Monza facilities?

AC Monza was founded in 1912 and the first pitch used by the team was in the Triante area, at the junction of via Vittorio Veneto and via Duca d'Aosta. In 1915, the team moved to the pitch at the Santuario della Madonna delle Grazie. In 1923, the club's new stadium, known as Campo di via Ghilini, was opened. In 1945, not far from its predecessor, next to the city's main railway station, a new facility was built, since 1965 known as Stadio Gino Alfonso Sada.

How was Stadio Brianteo developed?

In the 1970s, the intimate Stadio Gino Alfonso Sada began to be insufficient for the club's needs. In 1979, a design for a new stadium was created. The emergence of the new arena, however, was preceded by a long public debate. An ardent promoter of the construction of a new municipal stadium was the president of AC Monza, Valentino Giambelli, whose ambition was to bring the club into Serie A. On November 13, 1982, ground-breaking ceremony took place.

The new facility was built in the eastern part of the city. Construction was slowed down by technical problems (including one of the pylons supporting the roof of the main stand) and changes to the project (the original plan was to build a stadium with an athletics track). The arena was practically ready in 1986, although it was not inaugurated until August 28, 1988, on the occasion of the home game against AS Roma in the Italy Cup (2:1). It cost 18 billion Italian lire to build.

What changes have been made to the Stadio Brianteo?

In the first years of its functioning, however, it became apparent that with a capacity of less than 20,000 spectators it exceeded actual demand. The lack of proper maintenance caused technical failures which, together with the low level of interest, led to the closure of the eastern stand.

Renovations to the facility only began after the club was taken over by the Fininvest holding company managed by the Berlusconi family in 2018. In 2019-2020, new floodlight masts appeared in the western corners, the main stand received a refreshed facade and new skyboxes, and plastic seats were installed in all stands except the still-closed eastern stand.

How U-Power Stadium compares to other Serie A venues?

What are the plans for the future of U-Power Stadium?

In 2022, AC Monza's players were promoted to Serie A for the first time in their history, and as a result, the necessary repairs to the east stand were made, bringing it back into operation. Concepts for a complete redevelopment of the arena are also under discussion, with only the main stand retaining its current form.

What events does the U-Power Stadium host?

The stadium has regularly hosted performances by AC Monza footballers since its inception. It has also been used periodically by other clubs, including women's teams and rugby teams. It has been used for Italian rugby union championship finals and Italian national rugby team matches, as well as the finals of national American football competitions. The arena is also a venue for concerts and has hosted performances by Michael Jackson, Jamiroquai, Elton John, Eric Clapton and Eros Ramazzotti.

Where is the AC Monza stadium located?

The stadium is located in the eastern part of Monza, a city not far from Milan and known more for its Formula 1 Grand Prix racetrack than its football team. Right next to the stadium is the Arena di Monza, which was completed in 2003.

What does the U-Power Stadium look like?

The facility has a rectangular, football-specific layout, with a covered main stand located on the west side. On the other sides, the pitch is surrounded by a ring of much lower stands, supported by an earth embankment. On the eastern side, a second, reinforced concrete tier has been added. The visitors' section is located on the north stand. The capacity of the stadium is 15,039 spectators.

On the sides of the main stand there are two characteristic pylons, providing support for the roofing of this stand. There are also floodlights mounted on the pylons, although these were replaced in 2019 by two new masts that were erected near the pylons. The stands are some distance from the playing field, a result of initial plans to build a stadium with an athletics track. The larger space between the playing field and the stands is used, among other things, to place an additional LED band with advertisements.

The venue was known as Stadio Brianteo, but in September 2020 a sponsorship deal was struck with workwear manufacturer U-Power, resulting in the stadium's name being changed to U-Power Stadium. The main stand in 2018 was named after Angelo Scotti, a long-time AC Monza supporter who died the same year. The south stand, where the team's most die-hard supporters (tifosi) sit, is named after Davide Pieri (Curva Davide Pieri), one of Monza's supporters who died in a car accident in 1998.



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