Stadion - An der Gellertstraße (Stadion Chemnitz)

Capacity15 479
5,260 (Standing room)
162 (in 13 skyboxes) (VIP seats)
837 (Business seats)
60+60 (Disabled seats)
Country Germany
ClubsChemnitzer FC
Other names Community4you-Arena (2016-2018)
Inauguration 02/08/2016 (Chemnitzer FC - Borussia Mönchengladbach)
Construction 27/01/2014 - 06/2016
Cost € 27 million
Design agn-Gruppe
Design time 2011
Contractor BAM Sports
Address Gellertstraße, 09130 Chemnitz, Deutschland


Stadion Chemnitz – stadium description

The first stadium at Gellertstraße was opened on 1934, but the landfill stands around the field had nothing to do with what we can see today. The current ground’s history begins in 1999, when the four floodlight masts were erected, then left to serve after complete reconstruction. Although placed 7m higher, they remain part of the arena today.

The scheme of complete reconstruction was approved by the councilors in 2011 and design work was awarded to agn-Gruppe. Like in several other concepts by these architects, the main club colour is placed on the roof, making the stadium stand out from aerial perspective. Inside the Chemnitzer FC identity is secured by blue seating and corner frames. Because, despite having no stands in each corner, the building is enclosed to not pollute the community with noise and keep atmosphere inside.

Simple prefabricated stands were each built independently in phases. Works were divided to allow constant use of the stadium with no less than 10,000 capacity. First came both ends, then the east and finally west stand. The latter one offers 13 private boxes and over 800 business seats.

Overall, capacity exceeded 15,000. Much less than records of CFC’s heyday (then named CFK, they drew 28,000 people to the stadium in 1966), the stadium is hoped to furtile basis for CFC to grow and reach the Bundesliga. At the heart of the new stadium is the south stand with almost 5,300 standing places across 42 rows, accommodating the most vocal support.

The project consumed roughly €27 million, somewhat more than initially planned (€23-25m). The price includes parking delivered west of the ground, where a large industrial depot used to be.



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