WIRmachenDRUCK Arena (Sportpark Fautenhau)

Capacity10 001
6,500 (Seats)
26 (Press seats)
Country Germany
ClubsSG Sonnenhof Großaspach, VfB Stuttgart II
Other names comtech Arena (2011–2014), mechatronik Arena (2014–2019)
Floodlights 800 lux
Inauguration 16/08/2011
Construction 30/09/2010 - 08/2011
Cost € 10.2 million
Design Bernd Küstner, Uli Ettle
Address Im Fautenhau 1, 71546 Aspach-Großaspach, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland


WIRmachenDRUCK Arena – stadium description

Just north of Stuttgart there’s a small town of Aspach, while just north of the town there’s a charming sports complex. In existence for many years, the two-field football center was reconstructed in 2010, following the sporting progress by local team SG Sonnenhof. They advanced from the 6th league in 2002 and already with the new stadium reached the 4th (2012) and 3rd (2015) league.

To make the promotions possible, main field was lowered by 1.5m and altogether 40,000 cubic meters of soil were removed to make way for new C-shaped stands. Remaining east side is occupied by old administrative building with a modest main grandstand added during reconstruction. As a result, by 2011 the stadium grew to 10,000 capacity, exceeding the town’s population significantly. One major disadvantage of this economic project is the presence of numerous pillars obstructing view to majority of the spectators.

The stadium deserves recognition with its approach to ecology, though. While obstructing views, the roof pillars also support a massive solar power plant of 4,000 square meters, supplying enough energy to power 150 households. Also, rainwater collection system manages to provide all water needed for field irrigation and toilet use.



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