Capacity34 500
9,943 (Seats)
24,557 (Terracing)
14,428 (Covered)
Country Germany
ClubsKFC Uerdingen 05
Inauguration 18.09.1927 (Krefeld Team - DFC Prague)
Renovations 1975, 1979, 1986


Grotenburg – stadium description

Grotenburg, as it’s most often called by Krefeld citizens, was built back in 1927. For the first decades it could accommodate not much over a dozen thousand fans, but as the local club was developing, so was the ground. First a new south stand was built in 1975, that exists to this day. Then in 1979 came a new east curve for the ground to end up in its current state in 1986.

That year was by far the richest in Uerdingen’s history. In April Atletico Madrid came to grab a 3:2 win that allowed them to advance to the European Cup final. And in November, when revamps were still being done, the famous Barcelona arrived to face the locals in another European clash. Back then crowds of over 30,000 were nothing unusual, but as the club’s situation started deteriorating, so did attendances. The last time a sell-out crowd was recorded in 1994, when Uerdingen, still playing in the Bundesliga at that time, faced Bayern.

The ground currently has three concrete stands and one old curve based on a mound. The overall capacity is set high thanks to vast majority of the ground being terracing. Of the 34,500 people almost 25,000 stand during games.