Capacity23 400
2,300 (Seats)
Country Germany
ClubsBorussia VfB Neunkirchen/Saar
Inauguration 14/07/1912
Opening game 07/04/1912 (Borussia Neunkirchen - Infanterie-Regiment 105 Straßburg, 6-3)
Renovations 1964, 2002
Address Mantes-la-Ville-Platz 12, 66538 Neunkirchen, Deutschland


Ellenfeldstadion – stadium description

Considered to be one of the most charming stadiums in the region, the home of Borussia Neunkirchen was built in 1912 and to date retained much of the initial structure. Of course a lot has also changed, but the charm (partly “owed” to Borussia’s turbulent history) was kept alive by late renovations. Even the wooden benches from the initial main stand expansion (1930) weren’t removed until 2002.

As said, the main stand received its first seated and covered section in 1930 and further sections raising 15 meters above the initial bowl were added in 1960s. The last major redevelopment dates back to 2002, when 2,300 bucket seats were installed and roof was replaced.

Thanks to the expanded terraces capacity grew to 30,000 at peak and in their best years the club managed to draw even 18,500 on average. Current size is lower as parts of the north side were dismantled.



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