Stade des Antonins

Capacity8 033
Country France
ClubsNîmes Olympique
Inauguration 26/12/2022
Czas budowy 05/2022 – 12/2022
Cost €12 M ($12.8 M)
Design Valode & Pistre Architectes


Stade des Antonins – stadium description

How did the construction of a temporary stadium for Nîmes Olympique come about?

At the end of the second decade of the 21st century, plans were made to build the Stade Nemausus, a new stadium for Nîmes Olympique footballers, to be built on the site of the existing Stade des Costières. When these plans became a reality, the decision was taken to build a temporary stadium where the club would play its matches while the Stade Nemausus was being built.

The temporary facility was decided to be built near the Stade des Costières, on the other side of the A9 motorway, a little closer towards the junction with the A54 motorway, next to the Cap Costières shopping centre. Planning permission for the temporary arena was obtained in the summer of 2021, but archaeological work delayed the start of work and construction of the stadium did not begin until May 2022.

How much did the temporary stadium in Nîmes cost?

The temporary stadium cost more than €11 million to build, which was covered by private funds. The investment was carried out by SAS Nemau, a company set up primarily to build the new Stade Nemausus.

During what period will the temporary Nîmes Olympique facility be used?

On November 5, 2022, the last game at the Stade des Costières took place. The first match, in the Ligue 2 competition, was played in the new temporary stadium on December 26, 2022 against En Avant Guingamp (1:2). Nîmes Olympique will play its matches at the temporary venue until the opening of the new Stade Nemausus, which is expected in 2026.

The first season in which Nîmes Olympique played in the new temporary stadium (2022/23), the club finished penultimate in the Ligue 2 table and was relegated to the Championnat National.

What name was given to Nîmes Olympique's temporary stadium?

Shortly after the construction of the temporary stadium began, the club organised a public vote for the best name for the venue. In the end, 'Stade des Antonins' was chosen, honouring the ancient Roman Antonine dynasty, one of whose representatives was, a native of Nîmes (Latin: Nemausus), Antoninus Pius, Roman emperor from 138 to 161.

What does Stade des Antonins look like?

The stadium has four free-standing stands on each side of the pitch. The main stand with extensive facilities is located on the west side. The stands on the east side, west side and behind the south goal (which is slightly lower) have been fitted with a canopy. Behind the gate on the north side, a much more modest, unroofed stand with 400 seats for visiting supporters has been created.

Due to the temporary nature of the facility, the stands are based on metal structures. The auditorium has been equipped with red plastic seats. The capacity of the arena is 8033 spectators. The pitch has a turf with a hybrid surface and four floodlighting masts have been erected in the corners of the stadium.