Italy: Atalanta Stadium renovation nearing completion

source:; author: Paulina Skóra

Italy: Atalanta Stadium renovation nearing completion Gewiss Stadium in Bergamo, home to Atalanta BC, is entering a critical phase of modernization. Playing a pivotal role in this transformation are the wide platform capabilities of JLG, which can safely and effectively reach required heights. When will the facility be fully operational?


Third and final stage

The extensive reconstruction of Gewiss Stadium commenced at the end of April 2019, with the primary goal of replacing the arches behind the goals with larger, more modern stands situated just behind the field's end lines. The first stage involved reconstructing the stands behind the north goal, with the new stand open to fans a few months later in early October. The second stage was the reconstruction of the eastern stand while preserving its historic facade, completed a year later.

The completion of the current stage, which began in the summer of 2023 and is set to finish by August, aims to have Gewiss fully operational for Atalanta by the start of the 2024/2025 season. The works focus on completely rebuilding the Curva Sud Morosini stand and its roof. This process will not only enhance the facility's aesthetics but also ensure the safety and comfort of visiting team fans during matches. Additionally, alongside the Morosini roof, two long trusses will be installed to support the lighting.

An underground parking facility for fans will also be created. After five years of modernization, Atalanta's stadium will accommodate 25,000 people. The investment totals €100 million.

Gewiss Stadium (Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia)© Gewiss Stadium

"Special conditions"

In selecting the most suitable vehicles for the construction site, Novital had no doubts in proposing five JLG platforms, prominently featuring two of them: the impressive 1500SJ telescopic boom platform and the 1500AJP articulating boom platform. They are joined by the 1350SJ telescopic platform, the 1250AJP articulating platform, and the versatile 2632ES scissor lift platform.

In choosing the most appropriate vehicles for the Gewiss Stadium construction site, unparalleled JLG platform performance guided the decision-making process. The complexity of the support structure and significant angles necessitated a reach that only JLG platforms could guarantee, facilitating work under these particular conditions, said Matteo Fabbrica, manager of Novital's Verdello branch, in an interview with

Remarkable Lego structure

In March, Oriocenter hosted a Lego exhibition, featuring a renovated Gewiss Stadium model. The model, measuring 155x220x35cm, consists of over 100,000 elements. It took three months of design and creation to complete, with the construction itself taking 30 days or precisely 1,200 hours. The Lego model of the Gewiss Stadium was presented by Antonio Percassi, president of Atalanta; Luca Percassi, managing director; and Rafał Szymański, the creator of the exhibit and model.


Gewiss Stadium (Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia)© Gewiss Stadium