Chicago: Fire and Bridgeview agree end of lease

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Chicago: Fire and Bridgeview agree end of lease Starting next year, Chicago Fire will be able to find a new home outside Bridgeview. So says the agreement reached by the village of Bridgeview and Fire, allowing termination of stadium lease.


Back in May we informed you about the possibility of Chicago Fire leaving the suburban Bridgeview to actually go back to Chicago. The move would come at a price, already then expected to go beyond $60 million. In return... freedom to relocate within Chicago without a penalty.

Chicago FireFot: goatling (cc: by-sa)

Now we're clear: $65.5 million exactly, paid by the Fire as lease increase and contribution to revamp of SeatGeek Stadium. While not much change might come to the stadium itself, Bridgeview desperately needs to diversify the stadium's offer, now that it's bound to be left without its anchor tenant.

Thus comes the idea of expanding it to a greater recreation and entertainment center, drawing people in on a daily basis. Bridgeview would still welcome concerts, matches of women's team Red Stars and those of Northwestern University soccer.

Meanwhile, the Fire is likeliest to relocate to Soldier Field, which it had once fled in search of a smaller stadium. The relocation might come as soon as 2020 under the recent agreement.

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