London: Chelsea resolve dispute with the Crosthwaites

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London: Chelsea resolve dispute with the Crosthwaites After prolonged negotiations and announcements of legal battle, Chelsea and the homeowners from across the railroad have finally reached an agreement, once again enabling construction of new Stamford Bridge.


Chelsea yesterday confirmed officially that their conflict with the Crosthwaite family has been resolved. A Chelsea spokesperson said: “Chelsea FC have reached an agreement to settle the ongoing legal proceedings in relation to rights to light. The details of the agreement are confidential.”

Chelsea Stamford Bridge

While undisclosed, the settlement is likely somewhere between the amounts surfacing before. Chelsea was reportedly not willing to pay more than £1 million, while the family was looking for as much as £20 million.

Agreement between the family and London-based football club ends months of negotiations, which culminated in an open battle in the borough council back in January. Once the borough stood behind Chelsea, the Crosthwaites were considering further challenges to the new stadium, but eventually decided not to pursue such options.

Though no detailed schedule has been released, this means Chelsea can soon begin work on their new stadium. The 60,000-seater worth a stunning £1 billion is expected to open its doors for the 2023/24 season, following numerous delays. With planning permission having been granted a year ago, the project now can go ahead.