London: Tottenham's breaks two records, fails with two more

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London: Tottenham's breaks two records, fails with two more Victory against Arsenal is always a feast, but it's even better with new Premier League and derby attendance record. Would have been even more superb if 38 more people showed up. Why?


Ever since it was announced that Tottenham will use all seats at Wembley that the team may set new records. It was only a question of when and by what margin. In Premier League it took them until October 23, when 80,827 people watched the clash with Liverpool. A crowd that big was later unseen until January 31. On that day 81,978 people came to see Spurs play Man United.

Wembley National Stadium© Thomas Ranner

Now the record is even higher, at 83,222. That's how many people watched the North London derby on Saturday. 1:0 victory against Arsenal is always great for the Lilywhite crowd, but this time it's also the highest attendance ever recorded in the Premier League or any North London derby game. Previous peak for a Tottenham-Arsenal tie (77,893) was set in 1991, when both teams fought at the old Wembley for FA Cup supremacy.

That's all very well, but it could have been a hattrick if just 38 more people came on Saturday! All-time high for an English league game (before Premier League) still stands, at exactly 83,260 people. This is how many people watched the Man United – Arsenal game in 1948, played at Maine Road.

Also, the highest turnout for any Tottenham home game since their tenancy at Wembley began still stands at 85,512 from the 2016 Bayer Leverkusen Champions League game.

With three games over the 80,000 barrier Tottenham are one of two largest clubs in England by attendance. Their current average turnout is 68,324, lowered slightly by a couple 50,000+ games in the winter months.