Turkey: Bursa’s crocodile head finally growing

source: StadiumDB.com

Turkey: Bursa’s crocodile head finally growing After turbulences and delays construction of Timsah Arena’s crocodile head is finally going forward. Work will end in 2017.

This will be one of the most recognizable stadiums worldwide. It isn’t just yet, even if the bright green outer wrap stands out after being painted this year. Though we’re nearly 12 months after opening, Timsah Arena in Bursa still misses its signature element, the crocodile head.

Lack of the steel skull was caused by financial trouble of general contractors but back in August mayor Recep Altepe assured construction would resume in September. It didn’t, even despite experts Cemdemir working on the elaborate structure. Only in recent days have new steel beams arrived, now being mounted onto the future head.

Due to the delays it’s not possible for the final piece of Timsah Arena to be ready by year end. As of now we have no solid information on planned delivery of this phase. Of course Bursaspor’s home stadium has been functioning without it over the past year and hasn’t suffered attendance-wise.

Bursaspor Timsah Arena

Bursaspor Timsah Arena