Bursa Büyükşehir Stadyumu (Timsah Arena)

Capacity43 877
1,603 (in 72 skyboxes) (VIP seats)
6,064 (Business seats)
207 (Disabled seats)
165 (Press seats)
2,530 (Away section)
Country Turkey
ClubsBursaspor KD
Inauguration 21/12/2015
Construction 06/2011 - 2016
Cost TRY 230 million
Design Sözüneri Mimarlık
Design time 2010-2011
Contractor Gintaş İnşaat Taahhüt ve Ticaret A.Ş.


Description: Timsah Arena

Construction of the new stadium along Nilüfer River in western Bursa began in June 2011. Initial plans suggested opening already in 2013, but the deadline was postponed significantly. In the end even opening in December 2015 took place with unfinished infrastructure and secondary structures.

Large plot of 40 hectares is dominated by the stadium’s somewhat unusual form. Primarily, from the outside, it was designed to resemble a resting crocodile. The idea might seem strange as there are no crocodiles living in Bursa, but the team Bursaspor is nicknamed Crocodiles, thus the identity.

Green membranes and glass create the skin, while the northern stand is topped with a giant literal head (to be ready in 2016). It should be the stadium’s highest point at over 43 meters.

Secondly, the stadium has a unique layout of the stands. Western main grandstand is divided into three tiers. East side has two levels, while both ends have single massive stands. South one for locals of the Teksas community and north one with a significant away section. And on top of all this a continuous ring of 72 skyboxes ranging from 10 to over 30 seats.

The stadium comprises a massive floor space of 190,000 square meters, including 50,000 for commercial and office use. The number also includes underground parking for over 640 cars (1,500+ with the open parking site). Fans will enjoy 35 catering points and 789 toilets. 90 gates will in turn allow for very fast evacuation of almost 44,000 people – in just 8 minutes.



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