Stadia Designers Cup: What should a proper Polonia stadium look like?

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Stadia Designers Cup: What should a proper Polonia stadium look like? It was already subject to bright colourful iteration by famous Tomas Taveira and nearly megalomaniac one by Americans. But how would the Polonia Warszawa stadium look to actually fit the Polish reality?


In the past season Polonia Warszawa made a big step towards their return to Ekstraklasa, climbing one step up to the II Liga (3rd league). Officials of this historic club, headed by former national team manager Jerzy Engel are aiming at Ekstraklasa return in 2020, hopefully already with a new stadium.

In mid-July the preliminary official concept was revealed, showing an outline of the future for one of Poland’s oldest operating football clubs. Not long afterwards, also in July, the 2nd edition of Stadia Designers Cup was launched, also having the Polonia stadium future in mind. But stadium enthusiasts from and beyond are faced with a different challenge than the official concept implies.

SDC_2_mStadia_2Official logo of „Stadia Designers Cup” 2nd edition

The main task is divided into two parts. First one, obligatory for anyone willing to design the stadium, is of course to design a new stadium at Konwiktorska St. in Warsaw. It has to accommodate 10,000 at least and no more than 15,000 people, enabling use for both association football (soccer) and American football. Second, optional part of the competition is an additional challenge: integrating the historical façade of old main stand into the new stadium, combining the two and creating a new, fresh and modern outcome.

SDC_2_mStadia3Join the competition – download the 3d model of the plot!

The competition is open for everyone with the ability to put the stadium concept into drawings or computer-generated renderings and presented as architectural boards (ultimately all have to be presentable online, scans allowed). The aim is not to prepare an advanced architectural concept, but to present the vision in an original way.

Submission of entries is allowed until midnight (CET) on October 15, 2016. This leaves 2 months to prepare your concepts. Full competition rules and a 3D model of the stadium plot can be found on the official competition website hosted by, competition partner, and at the official thread devoted to Stadia Designers Cup. The thread is also available for consultation of conceptual work and in case of questions feel free to send messages to organizers via email:

There are three organizers of the competition, the very same trio that previously hosted the first edition in March: Paul Olak (Greece), Mateusz Cegielski (Poland) and Mladen Jankovic (Serbia). The mentioned first edition concerned a new 40,000-seater for Crystal Palace FC and was won by Polish contender Mariusz Sępek. He was awarded the highest grades in both the public and internal votes.

Second edition of Stadia Designers Cup will also include two votes (public and jury) with a significant difference: results will be summed up to reveal only one winner. The best designer will receive a personalized Cup and club merchandise of Polonia Warszawa. is the media partner of the competition, but actual work is done largely by the main partner,