Stadium of the Year 2014: Time to nominate!

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Stadium of the Year 2014: Time to nominate! It’s that time of year again when we ask you which were the most important stadia opened last year. Let’s nominate them together, this time via facebook and twitter.


We’re under the impression that 2014 was a great year in terms of new stadiums opened. Now we’d like to see your views on that. You may express them now in our annual nomination process for Stadium of the Year and then later in the public vote.

In this edition we’re making nominations as simple as possible. Anyone can nominate and there’s no special procedure to follow. All you need to do is give us the name and location (city) of the stadium you select to nominate. You may do it via commenting on this particular post via facebook or replying to this image on twitter.

The nomination process goes on simultaneously on our Polish and English fanpages and so we will be updating the list of nominees at least once every day until the nomination process closes on midnight, Thursday (Jan 15, CET).

Please remember that not all venues opened in 2014 are eligible to take part in the competition. To become a nominee, a stadium has to meet several criteria. It has to hold at least 10,000 people and be opened in 2014. The latter means hosting at least one event with all stands available to the public.

Stadiums built from scratch are taken into consideration as well as those having a thorough redevelopment. The competition is about football stadiums, which means we choose between venues that are capable of hosting a football (or soccer, if you prefer) game. They may still have running, cycling or speedway tracks around their pitch, or have pitches larger than football-specific ones.

Eligible nominees approved so far: