Arena da Amazonia

Capacity44 351
Country Brazil
Inauguration 14/02/2014
First game 09/03/2014 (Nacional - Remo, 2-2)
Construction 12/07/2010 - 02/2014
Cost R$ 669.5 million
Design GMP Architekten, Schlaich Bergermann und Partner
Contractor Andrade Gutierrez
Address Av. Constantino Nery, 4611-5201, Flores, Manaus, AM, Brazil


Arena da Amazonia – stadium description

Decision to build a new stadium in Amazon metropolis of Manaus was made in 2009, as the city was shortlisted to host the 2014 World Cup. It was the only city so deep Inland to be selected, raising controversy.

The stadium is located in the place of Estádio Vivaldo Lima (commonly named Vivaldao), the previously largest ground in Manaus. Though its official capacity upon closing was 31,000, record attendance stood at almost 60,000 people.

The new stadium was called Arena da Amazonia to create direct reference to the stadium’s location and identity. Along the concept by GMP Architekten the stadium’s outer shell was designed to resemble a typical Amazonian basket, which often have diagonal patterns. The stadium’s seating creates a yellow-orange mosaic to resemble fruits carried in the basket.

Though much simplified, the symbolism was implemented. Diagonal pattern is created by the steel roof trusses, which – apart from structural and aesthetic roles – also provide gutters to collect the daily rainfall. Between the steel frame 252 fiberglass sheets were mounted, forming larger diamond-shaped near the basis and smaller on the roof.

Inside there’s room for 45,500 seats, although the capacity has initially been reduced in order to run the 2014 World Cup.

The ground’s delivery caused some concerns as the initial deadline of July 2013 was missed by over half a year. Even on opening day in mid-February 2014 the arena was 3% from finish. Projected budget of R$ 499 million was also missed significantly as the project topped at R$ 669.5 million.



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